North Channel Race

October 3, 2020

The North Channel Race was conceived after some good clean fun at the Bayview Yacht Club bar when Joe Matte and Irv Jorgenson, the owners of Cyrene (C‐50), challenged Jack Briner, the owner of Caprice (C‐64), to a match race from Bayview, up the North Channel, around Russell Island Buoy and back to finish in front of Bayview. An invitation to the other C boats was sent and two other boats participated, Ed Flintermann’s Deodar (C‐57) and Morrill Dunn’s Cayuse II (C‐59). The four competitors anchored at the starting line, off the Peche Island Range Front Light, with sails furled and crews waiting below deck. Shortly after midnight the morning of Saturday, June 15, 1940, the sound and flash of the starting cannon released the competitors to start the first North Channel Race.

Although the North Channel Race was the property of and managed by the C‐Class Association, eligible boats for the second race included L Boats, as well as C Boats. They raced without time allowance, as a fleet for prize flags in each class and also for the first boat to finish overall. In 1947, the Morrill Dunn Trophy was created and awarded to the first‐to‐finish in the starting fleet.

By 1947, there were four classes of boats racing. By 1951, the race had grown and the C‐Class Association realized that the Association was no longer equal to the task of sponsoring and managing the race. The Deed of Gift of the North Channel Race was offered to and accepted by Bayview Yacht Club. The intent of the race has been preserved. It remains primarily a contest of one‐design daysailing boats of 30 feet or less. Should other classes wish to compete, they may do so by application to the Race Committee of Bayview Yacht Club. Such a request is subject to acceptance or rejection, and the decision rests entirely with the Race Committee of Bayview Yacht Club.

2020 Race Dedication

Christer Dillon Lucander
World Champion

The 2020 Bayview North Channel Race is dedicated in memory of fellow BYC member Christer “Chris” Lucander.  Chris embodied the Bayview spirit - tough out on the racecourse, yet affable back at the bar. The son of a Bayview member, Chris grew up on the Detroit River and became a champion sailor in both large and small keelboats. Representing BYC on an international level, he reached the pinnacle of our sport as a two-time World Champion in the Etchells Class.  Back at the Club, Chris volunteered to serve as Treasurer for three different Commodores over a three-decade span, striving to ensure that our Club remained solvent.  This year, we commemorate Chris Lucander and his love of distance races on Lake St. Clair. “Godspeed” to all sailors participating in BYC’s 2020 North Channel Race.


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