2019 Richardson Trophy Match Racing Championship
Bayview Yacht Club 
Detroit, Michigan
October 5 & 6

The Richardson Trophy 

This sterling silver trophy by Tiffany was donated by Commodore S. O. Richardson Jr., of the Toledo Yacht Club, Toledo, OH, to encourage match sail yacht racing between substantial yachts representing each of the Great Lakes. The first of these races was held in Chicago, in 1912, between Universal Rule P Class Yachts. After the interruption of World War I, the trophy was transfered to the Yacht Racing Union of the Great Lakes, with racing continuing in R class yachts until 1966. Since then, the races have been held in several different types of yachts, including 6 Metre, Cal 40, Redline 41, PJ-43, C&C 35, Islander 36, Tartan 10, C&C 33, C&C 34, Santana 35, & Laser 28. The Richardson Cup is the match race championship for the member clubs of the Yacht Racing Union of the Great Lakes. (YRUGL)  including the Lake Superior Yachting Association, Lake Huron Yachting Association, Lake Michigan Sailing Federation, Detroit Regional Yacht-racing Association, Inter-Lake Yachting Association and Lake Yacht Racing Association.
The mission of The Yacht Racing Union of the Great Lakes is to provide the ultimate challenges
for sailing in the Great Lakes region and grow sailboat racing in Great Lakes region as a whole.

The Organizing Authority for the Richardson Cup will be Bayview Yacht Club and the Yacht Racing Union of the Great Lakes (YRGL)

2018 Competitors:
Team Number Name Ranking
1 Steve Lowery 69
2 Lance Fraser 93
3 Ryan Seago 94
4 Evert McGlaughlin 302
5 Paul Curry  430
6 Sam Bartel 560
7 Chris VanTol NR

2018 Final Race Results:
Ranking Name  After 2 Round Robins: Semi-Finals:  Petite: Finals:
1 Ryan Seago 10-2 2 - 2
2 Chris VanTol 11-1 2 - 0
3 Steve Lowery 6-6 0 2 -
4 Lance Fraser 8-4 0 0 -
5 Evert McGlaughlin 5-7 - - -
6 Sam Bartel 2-10 - - -
7 Paul Curry 0-12 - - -


Sailing Instructions                    Notice of Race