2020 Thursday Night Series

Bayview Yacht Club Presents Hitchhiker Thursdays -

Looking to give back to the sport of sailing? Get more of your friends into sailing? Introduce coworkers to our awesome past-time? Find more crew for your boat?
In addition to our Adult Learn to Sail program, we need your help with our "Hitchhiker Thursdays"! 

* Hitchhiker Thursdays is a formal program to welcome new sailors and engage existing sailors. Thursday off the dock races will feature a gathering of interested sailors at Jerome's on the Dock at 6 P.M. Skippers, boat owners, and/or crew of boats racing will come down and introduce themselves and invite the prospects on their boat for the race. Please help spread the word to anyone willing to try sailing AND host some hitchhikers if you have a boat! Last year we needed more boats to take hitchhikers as the program grew. We anticipate more growth this year so we need BOAT OWNERS to help. Thursdays are FUN and a great introduction to Bayview. 


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For more information on the 2020 Thursday Night series, please contact Micaela Reardon at mreardon88@gmail.com.