Bayview Hitchhiker Thursdays

Are you interested in a new adventure?
Would you like to meet new people while enjoying fresh air and sunshine on one of Detroit's gems - the Detroit River?
You’re Invited to “Hitchhiker Thursdays” at Bayview Yacht Club.

Attendance is limited each week and pre-registration is required.


  • Hitchhiker Thursdays is a program to welcome new people interested in sailing and get existing sailors out on the water.
  • Thursday races, which happen right in front of BYC, are a perfect opportunity to test the waters of our sport or try racing on a different kind of boat.
  • The evening will start with a gathering at Jerome’s on the Dock between 6 and 6:30PM. This area is attached to the bath house down past most of the docks (on the left when coming in).
  • Hitchhiking participation is limited for each race/night. Hitchhikers must be over 15 and RSVP through this form to participate starting at noon on Monday of each race week. ARRIVE EARLY - sign up does not guarantee to you a seat. Preference is given to first time hitchhikers and current Adult Learn to Sail participants.
  • Skippers, boat owners, and/or crew of boats racing will come down and introduce themselves or you will be escorted to a participating sailboat by a Hitchhiker/Membership Volunteer (Bright Green Shirts).
  • Timing depends on Mother Nature but plan to be on the water for about an hour. The racing starts around 7PM. Boats leave their wells around 6:45.
  • Spread the word!! Thursday’s races are a GREAT time and an awesome introduction to what Bayview Yacht Club has to offer!
  • Thursday race dates are can be found here.
  • Email if you would like more information or to participate. Event registration for each week will be emailed and included on the Bayview Facebook public page.